Gin & Tonic.


Director: Cherie Nowlan
Producers: Leah Churchill-Brown, Amanda Higgs and Alice Bell
Script Consultants: Jan Chapman and Katherine Slattery
Agent: Jane Cameron, Camerons Management

Written by Alice Bell

Roman and Gillian, a long-time married couple on the brink of divorce, come home one night to find a baby abandoned on their doorstep who they soon find out belongs to their estranged son Ryan. They reluctantly take the baby into their home.

Meanwhile, their teenaged daughter Ashlee is training to lose her virginity by watching porno videos on Youtube with her best friend Mickey. When the girls record a sexy dance and upload it they instantly obtain boyfriends and sex is suddenly imminent. But Ashlee isn’t ready.

Next door at the city zoo, the mother elephant has gone into labour. Ashlee is excited to find out the highly anticipated calf is on it’s way…

Having Ryan’s baby in the house is bringing Roman and Gillian closer together. As they find themselves caring for the little one they are reminded of what was good about their relationship. They rediscover each other after years of heartache and blame, the result of coming to terms with having a son who is a drug addict. Then Ryan starts appearing in secret to Ashlee and he doesn’t want her to tell their parents he’s home.

When the big cherry-pop day arrives for Ashlee she chickens out and thus wages an online war with her so-called-friends. Then the zoo announces that the baby elephant has died inside the womb of it’s mother. Ashlee is devastated. The elephant experts leave the elephant to give birth to the deceased baby in her own time. But the elephants in the herd don’t. They stand vigil.

That night, Ryan tries to steal the baby back and Gillian’s affair with a friend is finally revealed to Roman. Things couldn’t get much worse for this family, but they’ve already been to hell and back and can appreciate what it means to be together again, even under the most difficult of circumstances.

When Ryan comes face to face with his disconnected family for the first time in four years they can all finally make the steps to reconnect and rebuild.

Inside the zoo, the baby elephant is born alive. A miracle!

This is a falling in love again story.