The Mechanicals.


Director: Leon Ford
Producers: doll

Look between the walls and under the floors, beneath the streets, in the cracks and holes that you walk past every day – these are the Unseen Spaces – a world, inches away from our own where a hidden society of slaves, The Mechanicals, live and work to power our homes, pump our water, and catch our waste.

This is the story of a small team of Mechanicals who dare to dream beyond their station.

After discovering the system is corrupt, the lowest-ranked Mechanical Five leads the charge to escape the tunnels of their prison home and live beyond the Buffer – in the freedom of the city above.

But the Unseen Spaces is a place where dreaming is forbidden and plotters are punished. Spies are everywhere and desperation leads to friends betraying friends.

Will Five, emboldened by his newfound love for the city-living Annabel, lead Radioman, Lexman and Waterman to the freedom they crave above?

In the tradition of Gilliam’s Brazil, inspired by the genius of Kaufman and Jeunet, The Extraordinary World of The Mechanicals is a romantic adventure. An eco-thriller for the audience of the Hunger Games and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.